a lot of drama

if I had this guy to study with I might enjoy it just a bit more, wouldn’t you?

In Sweden we celebrate Easter, and that holiday is now. It means that kids get of school for 1 week and during the weekend we eat a lot of food that is special for Easter – mostly eggs and then we have a soda that we call Påskmust it is hard to describe but it is so good, if you get the chans to try it (or the christmas version Julmust) you must try it! on the saturday kids dress up like witches we call them påskkärringar (Easter women/Easter witches) and then they go out to houses and knock on the doors and say “Glad Påsk” (happy easter) and they give a easter-drawing, often chickens and eggs in a lot of different colors that the kids paint them self’s and then they get candy as a thank you for the picture :)

Well anyway, I have spent a lot of time this Easter to see korean dramas and I watched all Lord of the rings-movies. They are so good, so well maid – I love them!

Now to the topic I think you wanna read about: Korean Dramas ^_^

I was about to give up on Kings 2 hearts. It was a bit boring, and I did not get everything in the story, but then I saw episode 5 and 6 and I am now hooked! I just have to know what happens next. How will the King and Hang Ah’s dad react to the kiss between Jae Ha and Hang Ah? Will they get married? and that creep from Club M what will he do to stop the wedding?

And then we have Fashion King. 2 boys and 2 girls. So the girl Anna is together with the boy that is rich and working in a company – together with her. The other boy is poor but he has a factory and he is trying to make it in to the fashion-market. And we have the main girl, Lee Ga Young, she works for the poor-guy and they are good friends. Lees aunt is the one who raised her – she is a bitch – and the rich guys mom knows the aunt…

You should see this drama it is very good, well made, like all SBS (TV channel) dramas are. I’m gonna skip to the point: who will end up with who?

At the moment the 2 rich people are a couple but they don’t seem to be having such a good time together. And then we have Lee and her boss. They are friends but are there feelings there? Or will Lee fall for the rich guy and, the boss fall for Anna?

And the last drama for this post is… K-pop extreme survival it is about a girl (of course…) and her friend (or brother?) and how they take part in the audition to a boy-band, she looks like a guy and that has fooled the other guys that is in the audition. Well, it is much like You’re beautiful – a girl, dressed as a boy, enters a boy band.

oh I forgot about the new episodes of Rooftop Prince, but that will have to be in the next post cause its late now and I need to sleep. Good night drama lovers! <3


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