Rooftop Prince

I cant get enough of rooftop prince! It is so good.
Episode 17-18 is up on Kimchi Drama and last night I washed them both.

I have tried to figure out what makes the prince disappear one theory was that it happens when he and Park Ha feels that they truly love each other. But that theory was dropped because they have hugged and kissed and they probably should feel that way then too, right?
The other theory is that it happens because the prince has figured out his purpose to go in to the future. But then why is he still there?
And how come he magically got out of jail?

Maybe the 4 guys start to disappear, so that they will know that they don’t belong in that time. Maybe it’s a warning that they will be gong back soon. And maybe they are still there, in present time, to save the company and help Tae Yong (prince’s soul in present time, he is in a coma).

And I did not see it coming that Tae Yong and Tae Mo’s grandma would die! So unexpected!

And the end of ep 18. OMG. What will happend? Will Tae Mo hit Park Ha with the car? Will he hit the break? What will Se Na do if her sister gets hit by her boyfriend?

We will find out next week!


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