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I can’t wait

I just finished watching ep 1 and 2 of Faith ( you can also watchit here). Lee Min Ho plays the royalguard (Gerenal Choi Yeong) and is send through a magic-door to get “God’s doctor” but instead of going to heaven he timtravels to the future and ends up Seoul in 2012. He finds a female doctor and he brings her back to his own time. The general has some sort of magical power too, but I’m not sure how it works.. Anyway, back in time she takes care of the queen that is hurt by a swordwound and Gerenal Choi Yeong has promis on his life that if the queen wakes up he will let her (the doctor) go back to her time. If he breaks the promis he must die.

After some fighting against the bandits that are after the king and queen, the queen finaly wakes up. The doctor ran away, because she did not trust Choi Yeong but she got in even more troubble by running away… watch it and you’ll know what I’m talking about ;)

Gerenal Choi Yeong rescues the doctor and he takes her with him to the magical-door but when she is about to enter the Kings guards comes ands stops her! The King has orderd them to get her back. Gerenal Choi Yeong now stads to make a choise – follow the kings order or his promis, either way he will die…

I won’t tell what he chooses to do, I’ll let you watch :) and I can’t wait for episode 3 and 4 to come out!

Spring Waltz

This drama (from 2006) took me some time to get through when I started to wach it this winter. It is a sad sad sad love story of Su-Ho and Eun-Young, childhoodfriends who loved each other even back when they were young living on a small island in South Korea.

Su-Ho’s dad was not much of a dad. He abandoned his son and left him with gambeling-debts and The 2 kids go of to Seoul to find Su-Hu’s dad. While in Seould Eun-Young gets sick and almost dies. To save her life Su-Ho agrees to become the son of a couple that lost there son that recently died in an accedent. Su-Ho’s new dad payes of the surgery that Eun-Young needs and they leave Seoul the same day. When Eun-Yong wakes up and asks for Su-Ho he is not there, she looks and looks but he is no where to be found. She feels abandoned by him and is very sad. Now she has no one she feels. (She lost her mom not to long ago too…)

Time pases and they both grow up in different worlds, Su-Ho under a new name Jae-Ha and he becomes a famous piano-player. Eun-Young with an aunt that she starts to call mom.
On a tripe to Austria Jae-Ha and Eun-Young meets by chans again. But there is ofcourse a twist, Jae-Ha’s friend Philip falls for Eun-Yong and they date for some time and Jae-ha is dating a girl named Lee-Na. The four of them meet again back in Korea and there is where the story takes place.

Lee-Na is a bitch sometimes… and she knows in her heart that Jae-Ha is not the boy she fell in love with when they were 10 years old but she can’t accept it. Even when she finds out that Jae-Ha died and that the man she loves actually is someone else she still can’t accept it.

Eun-Young and Jae-Ha starts to fall for each other (again) they don’t realise who they are at once, it takes a long long time. And when Jae-Ha finds out he is so upset, feeling that he did her so much wrong by leaving, that he can’t tell her who he is – afraid to hurt her even more and to loose her again.

And while this is going on Philip is causing pain for Eun-Young too, because he tries to make her love him while she can’t cause of Jae-Ha or as she knows him as: Su-Ho-oppa

Then a new problem is the adoptive-parents of Jae-Ha… They dont want him to be with Eun-Young because they are affraid he will leave them… And then it’s Lee-Na. She wants Jae-Ha for her self and she puts up a fight for someone that is not in love with her.

The worst with this drama (exept that it made me cry a lot) is the caracter Philip. Either it is the actor or it is bad lines, he speakes english so it is very easy for me to understand and some lines are just not good.. and the way he delivers them – usch!

I do not regret watching this drama, but it is not one of the best that I have seen. Mostly because it took a lot of energy from me, because the story was so sad. But at the same time as i did not like it for beeing so sad I could not stop seeing it. I did give it a break for some time but I had to know the ending. And I am glad I did see all of it. It is a story that needed to be told, and need to be seen.

It showes love, and trust, and I can recomend you to see it!

Watch Spring Waltz on Kimchi Drama or Drama Crazy

Information about the drama at DramaWiki

And a happy little note is that the actor/singer Choi Si Won is playing Eun-Youngs cousin :) I loved him in Skip-beat and then when I saw Spring waltz again I thought “wait a minute I know him! He is much younger here but still good actor :)


The follow up to Rooftop Prince is a detectiv drama called Ghost (or Phantom) I think the name Phantom is more sutible for the drama because they play a song from The Phantom of the opera in the drama.

The drama is about a police unite that are looking for crimes online and then they get a murder to solve. A new actress falls down from a window and dies, first they think it’s a suicide but soon the case gets more complicated…

We follow a man named Kim Woo-Hyun, but in episode 2 there is an explotion and he and a man he studied to become a police man with are hurt, one of them dies and the one that is asumed to be Kim Woo-Hyun survives but is so badly hurt that he needs surgary to fix his face, and the make him look exactly like Kim Woo-Hyun.
I must say there is no way that plasticsurgery can make someone that was that hurt look that good… But it is a story so fine, but in reality no way-.-

I will try to follow this story, it can be good but it can as easely go bad so we will see and I’ll let you know if i can recomend you to see it or not.


King 2 hearts

Because I have had a buisse scedual I have not wached many dramas the last couple of weeks, that is why I have not posted anything.. So I know that Kings 2 hearts has gone on and I am far far behind but I dont know if I will start watching it again. It was very uneven, with episodes that are good for the next one to be boring…

Rooftop Prince

I cant get enough of rooftop prince! It is so good.
Episode 17-18 is up on Kimchi Drama and last night I washed them both.

I have tried to figure out what makes the prince disappear one theory was that it happens when he and Park Ha feels that they truly love each other. But that theory was dropped because they have hugged and kissed and they probably should feel that way then too, right?
The other theory is that it happens because the prince has figured out his purpose to go in to the future. But then why is he still there?
And how come he magically got out of jail?

Maybe the 4 guys start to disappear, so that they will know that they don’t belong in that time. Maybe it’s a warning that they will be gong back soon. And maybe they are still there, in present time, to save the company and help Tae Yong (prince’s soul in present time, he is in a coma).

And I did not see it coming that Tae Yong and Tae Mo’s grandma would die! So unexpected!

And the end of ep 18. OMG. What will happend? Will Tae Mo hit Park Ha with the car? Will he hit the break? What will Se Na do if her sister gets hit by her boyfriend?

We will find out next week!

What drama?

This picture is a still-picture of one of the best kissing-scenes I have seen in Korean dramas. The scene is known as “the cola-kiss”.

Why is it known as “the cola-kiss”?

And in which drama did this scene take place?

Sweet Dreams

Actor Jang Keun Suk (Love Rain) fell asleep reading a script! (pic from facebook)
I have done that so many times too, well not while reading scrips but school-books, and woken-up a while later to realize that I have not studied but slept for an hour :P

Yesterday I watched Love Rain with Jang Keun Suk playing the main character. I have to admit I jumped to episode 5, a friend told me that the 4 first episodes were all in the 70s’ and that I wont miss anything. Sure I think it might be good to have seen all of it but I wanted to see present time and it was so fun that episode. Jang (sorry I don’t remember the characters name) and a girl runs in to each other at the train-station in Japan and she, somehow, drops her phone in his pocket and then she borrows her friends phone and calls her own phone. Jang is surprised and is not very polite to her but tells her where he is and she says she’ll come there. But Jang is not a very helpful person and does not call her to let her know that he is leaving the first place he was at. When she gets there, no one is there and she calls him again. She then goes to the second one, and then the third one… Oh I laughed so much! She get so angry and he just doesn’t care, and he is like “whats the big deal, it’s a phone…”

Then she almost gets run-over by a car, the car stops and in it is Jang and his assistant. Jang is rude, thinking she is Japanese and doesn’t understand Korean. They do not know that they have been talking all day on the phone with each other…

Later she finds his hotel, but Jang is not answering her phone anymore, he left it in his room when he went out with his coworkers. And when it’s very late she starts to call to it and goes around the hotel and listens at the doors, eventually she finds it and knocks on the door. No one answers, but the door is not locked and she goes in and finds her phone on the sofa. Then she messes with the room. It’s so funny! and when he gets back, she is still there… he has brought a model from the photo-shoot back to his hotelroom and when they lay down on the bed both of them complain “Aj” under the sheets there are a lot of stuff (that she has put there)…

She is discovered, trying to sneak out she runs in to him and they both scream – lol. ^^

Well I can go on and on, with what happens next in this episode but I think you should see it and find out on your own :)

I had a lot of laugh during this episode, I hope you will too :) I am a bit behind in the watching though, they are all ready on episode 9-10 (coming this week), but the great thing with streaming is that you can watch when ever you want to!

Now I must say Sweet Dreams cause it’s bedtime in Sweden


Off topic: vampire diaries (again!)

So the new ep of vampire diaries aired yesterday and how I have waited, just to be disappointed.

As I wrote to a friend after seeing it: vampire diaries is going so slow in the story
I’m like “come on and make things happen faster!”
we all know that Elena is in love with Damon but she is taking forever to realize it, and still now after ep 19 she still is unsure (!) My god those writers are making sure to drag out the story… Maybe they are thinking “we have to make this many episodes…” and that’s why this episode was so boring.

Short of what happend in episod 19 “Heart of Darkness”:
1)Elena kissed Damon and now she is even more unsure of her feelings.
2) The vampire that had all the answers they needed to find out who is the original vampire that they are blood-linked to is dead.
3) The mom of the original vamps went into her daughters body and is still on a mission to kill her kids so that they wont kill anyone else any more – so the story is back at the same place as last ep ended.So I just wasted about 40 min on finding out that nothing really has changed sens the last episode. Well Tyler did come back and in the end he and Caroline had a small fight about Klaus feelings for her… but other then that it’s pretty much the same as the last episode ended.I have waited for this ep to air for a couple of weeks – and it was for nothing… Well I did get to see a romantic scene that was quite good, a long hot kiss between Elena and Damon.

And for all of you that wants to know my thoughts of a Korean drama last time i promised to write about Rooftop Prince so here are my latest thoughts of it!

Rooftop Prince is really interesting! And this week if I got it right 3 episodes will air :) I wonder how that story will develope and if the Prince will realize who his Crown-princess really is as a person and that her sister is the one he should be with! And may it be so that the girls really are blood-relatives even now in present time? Well the only way to find that out is to see the next episodes

 TTYS ^_^

a lot of drama

if I had this guy to study with I might enjoy it just a bit more, wouldn’t you?

In Sweden we celebrate Easter, and that holiday is now. It means that kids get of school for 1 week and during the weekend we eat a lot of food that is special for Easter – mostly eggs and then we have a soda that we call Påskmust it is hard to describe but it is so good, if you get the chans to try it (or the christmas version Julmust) you must try it! on the saturday kids dress up like witches we call them påskkärringar (Easter women/Easter witches) and then they go out to houses and knock on the doors and say “Glad Påsk” (happy easter) and they give a easter-drawing, often chickens and eggs in a lot of different colors that the kids paint them self’s and then they get candy as a thank you for the picture :)

Well anyway, I have spent a lot of time this Easter to see korean dramas and I watched all Lord of the rings-movies. They are so good, so well maid – I love them!

Now to the topic I think you wanna read about: Korean Dramas ^_^

I was about to give up on Kings 2 hearts. It was a bit boring, and I did not get everything in the story, but then I saw episode 5 and 6 and I am now hooked! I just have to know what happens next. How will the King and Hang Ah’s dad react to the kiss between Jae Ha and Hang Ah? Will they get married? and that creep from Club M what will he do to stop the wedding?

And then we have Fashion King. 2 boys and 2 girls. So the girl Anna is together with the boy that is rich and working in a company – together with her. The other boy is poor but he has a factory and he is trying to make it in to the fashion-market. And we have the main girl, Lee Ga Young, she works for the poor-guy and they are good friends. Lees aunt is the one who raised her – she is a bitch – and the rich guys mom knows the aunt…

You should see this drama it is very good, well made, like all SBS (TV channel) dramas are. I’m gonna skip to the point: who will end up with who?

At the moment the 2 rich people are a couple but they don’t seem to be having such a good time together. And then we have Lee and her boss. They are friends but are there feelings there? Or will Lee fall for the rich guy and, the boss fall for Anna?

And the last drama for this post is… K-pop extreme survival it is about a girl (of course…) and her friend (or brother?) and how they take part in the audition to a boy-band, she looks like a guy and that has fooled the other guys that is in the audition. Well, it is much like You’re beautiful – a girl, dressed as a boy, enters a boy band.

oh I forgot about the new episodes of Rooftop Prince, but that will have to be in the next post cause its late now and I need to sleep. Good night drama lovers! <3

Skip-Beat, the end…

I have to admit that I am a bit upset about how Skip-Beat ended. I have so many questions left without any answers:
Will Gong Xi succeed and become a popular actress and there by beat her ex? Will Lian and Gong Xi become a couple or just be friends? Will the ex become more popular than Lian and how will he try to get back Gong Xi? Will she go back to him when she sees that he has changed? How will Lian react when he finds out that Gong Xi’s ex is trying to win her heart?

See, so many questions and no answers…

But besides that I loved this drama, it was so much fun! And the girl that plays Gong Xi makes so exaggerated facial expressions that makes you laugh even harder ^_^

If you need a laugh, then I can recommend you to watch Skip-Beat (also called: Extravagant Challenge)