Off topic: vampire diaries (again!)

So the new ep of vampire diaries aired yesterday and how I have waited, just to be disappointed.

As I wrote to a friend after seeing it: vampire diaries is going so slow in the story
I’m like “come on and make things happen faster!”
we all know that Elena is in love with Damon but she is taking forever to realize it, and still now after ep 19 she still is unsure (!) My god those writers are making sure to drag out the story… Maybe they are thinking “we have to make this many episodes…” and that’s why this episode was so boring.

Short of what happend in episod 19 “Heart of Darkness”:
1)Elena kissed Damon and now she is even more unsure of her feelings.
2) The vampire that had all the answers they needed to find out who is the original vampire that they are blood-linked to is dead.
3) The mom of the original vamps went into her daughters body and is still on a mission to kill her kids so that they wont kill anyone else any more – so the story is back at the same place as last ep ended.So I just wasted about 40 min on finding out that nothing really has changed sens the last episode. Well Tyler did come back and in the end he and Caroline had a small fight about Klaus feelings for her… but other then that it’s pretty much the same as the last episode ended.I have waited for this ep to air for a couple of weeks – and it was for nothing… Well I did get to see a romantic scene that was quite good, a long hot kiss between Elena and Damon.

And for all of you that wants to know my thoughts of a Korean drama last time i promised to write about Rooftop Prince so here are my latest thoughts of it!

Rooftop Prince is really interesting! And this week if I got it right 3 episodes will air :) I wonder how that story will develope and if the Prince will realize who his Crown-princess really is as a person and that her sister is the one he should be with! And may it be so that the girls really are blood-relatives even now in present time? Well the only way to find that out is to see the next episodes

 TTYS ^_^

a lot of drama

if I had this guy to study with I might enjoy it just a bit more, wouldn’t you?

In Sweden we celebrate Easter, and that holiday is now. It means that kids get of school for 1 week and during the weekend we eat a lot of food that is special for Easter – mostly eggs and then we have a soda that we call Påskmust it is hard to describe but it is so good, if you get the chans to try it (or the christmas version Julmust) you must try it! on the saturday kids dress up like witches we call them påskkärringar (Easter women/Easter witches) and then they go out to houses and knock on the doors and say “Glad Påsk” (happy easter) and they give a easter-drawing, often chickens and eggs in a lot of different colors that the kids paint them self’s and then they get candy as a thank you for the picture :)

Well anyway, I have spent a lot of time this Easter to see korean dramas and I watched all Lord of the rings-movies. They are so good, so well maid – I love them!

Now to the topic I think you wanna read about: Korean Dramas ^_^

I was about to give up on Kings 2 hearts. It was a bit boring, and I did not get everything in the story, but then I saw episode 5 and 6 and I am now hooked! I just have to know what happens next. How will the King and Hang Ah’s dad react to the kiss between Jae Ha and Hang Ah? Will they get married? and that creep from Club M what will he do to stop the wedding?

And then we have Fashion King. 2 boys and 2 girls. So the girl Anna is together with the boy that is rich and working in a company – together with her. The other boy is poor but he has a factory and he is trying to make it in to the fashion-market. And we have the main girl, Lee Ga Young, she works for the poor-guy and they are good friends. Lees aunt is the one who raised her – she is a bitch – and the rich guys mom knows the aunt…

You should see this drama it is very good, well made, like all SBS (TV channel) dramas are. I’m gonna skip to the point: who will end up with who?

At the moment the 2 rich people are a couple but they don’t seem to be having such a good time together. And then we have Lee and her boss. They are friends but are there feelings there? Or will Lee fall for the rich guy and, the boss fall for Anna?

And the last drama for this post is… K-pop extreme survival it is about a girl (of course…) and her friend (or brother?) and how they take part in the audition to a boy-band, she looks like a guy and that has fooled the other guys that is in the audition. Well, it is much like You’re beautiful – a girl, dressed as a boy, enters a boy band.

oh I forgot about the new episodes of Rooftop Prince, but that will have to be in the next post cause its late now and I need to sleep. Good night drama lovers! <3

Skip-Beat, the end…

I have to admit that I am a bit upset about how Skip-Beat ended. I have so many questions left without any answers:
Will Gong Xi succeed and become a popular actress and there by beat her ex? Will Lian and Gong Xi become a couple or just be friends? Will the ex become more popular than Lian and how will he try to get back Gong Xi? Will she go back to him when she sees that he has changed? How will Lian react when he finds out that Gong Xi’s ex is trying to win her heart?

See, so many questions and no answers…

But besides that I loved this drama, it was so much fun! And the girl that plays Gong Xi makes so exaggerated facial expressions that makes you laugh even harder ^_^

If you need a laugh, then I can recommend you to watch Skip-Beat (also called: Extravagant Challenge)

The King 2 Hearts

So I have been sick with low fever and a sore throat sens friday, and now I am not aloud to talk! Thank God for internet and chat-rooms, LOL ;)
So what do you do for 4 days when you are sick enough to not have energy to do much, but not sick enough to feel like sleeping all the time? My answer is: watch Korean Dramas!

I have re-watched City Hunter (it was so good that I ordered it from! But i will have to wait until May to get it… ), and then I watched Rooftop Prince ep 2 with subs :) it was so funny!
And yesterday I started to watch The King 2 hearts. I do not get the title of this one at all, so if someone can explane it for me please do so!

It is about a king (or is he a prince? I am not sure…) and a North Korean military girl. So far they are training to take part in a competition. She is over 30 and is wondering why no man has fallen in love with her. He is a spoiled man who is not very nice to her. He is in the military but he does not like that at all… I must say he is a bit of a chicken, who flees rather then fights. Fine I am against fighting in real life but on TV its OK cause no one is killing anyone.
The best part in ep 2 was the scene with a dream that she had, where he was nice to her and told her that he sees her as a woman. How bummed was I when she woke up! “What it was just a dream?…” well it happened way to soon, in ep 2…, so I could have figure it out there, but it was so nice to see him care about her.

Well this drama has parts that are good; I loved the song by the fire the guy that sang and played guitar was so good, and the scene was very sweet :)

And then there are the other part, when we get to see “Club M” who will take part in the competition too, and there it gets very “Beck” or “Wallander” that is Swedish  detective stories that is not very good all the time. A lot of people would say that they are bad. And I must say it gets creepy when the sweet and funny Korean drama turns in to a bad Swedish thriller where people die… :P

But the creepy parts have not yet scared me off completely so I will watch ep 3 and 4 when they come up on KimchiDrama :)

Rooftop Prince ep 1 and 2

I just saw the first two episodes of rooftop prince – they were so good :)

OK I did not understand much of what was said in the second ep. cause there are no subs up get but you get most of the story anyway just from how they act :)

And I had a hard time focusing on reading the subs sometimes cause Mikey (the main male actor) looks so good, and when he smiles it is so hard to look away and read the subs… ;) ^_^

The story is about 2 sisters and 4 men. It starts a long time a go in Korea, when Korea had a king and a crown prince and crown princess. The Crown princess is the oldest sister BUT she was not supposed to be the bride at first, her little sister was going to marry the prince, but after an accident that scared her face the big sister was the one who got to be on the application to become the prince’s wife. The big sister is not a very nice person. And when we meet her again in the future she has not changed a lot. You might think she should have changed being reborn again and again but sadly no. The younger sister is a lovely girl, she is kind and caring and even though the crown prince is married  to the big sister (and there for has feelings for her) he always seems to enjoy talking to his sister-in-law. Because of the accident she is always covering her face so he has never seen her without a  scarf covering her and there for he does not recognize her when he meets her again in the future. But he does recognize his wife (who died and because he wanted to find her murderer – well i think she killed her self cause she was jealous of her little sisters close band to her husband –   and a lunar eclipse he was sent with his 3 close men to the present time 2012 in Korea) So now he has seen his dead wife and is determined to find her. Little does he know that it is his new friends stepsister. (Yes the girls are sisters again, but now stepsister due to marriage between there parents.)

I have left out some parts of the story not to spoil it for you, and some because there was no subs so i don’t know what they said ;)

And I must say that the guy who is portraying the prince is a really good actor! :) I can feel his sadness from loosing his wife. I just hope that he will find true love in the little sister instead, i do believe that they are meant to be <3

You can watch Rooftop Prince at one of the sites under “watch dramas online” to the left of this post!

For ep 2 (no subs yet) go to

Rooftop Prince

Description: A prince from the Joseon era travels to the future in Seoul 2012 with his entourage when he lost the girl he was in love with. In the present, he finds a girl who looks exactly like the girl he loved and that passed away…

Well this sounds really interesting!

A drama that starts in the past, moves to the present with time traveling and then ad a doppelganger. On Kimchi Drama it says that it is a comedy, fantasy and romance-drama, I must say that I look forward to it!  I like the history-dramas and I liked Secret Garden which had magic in it :)
I saw that Micky Yoochun  (who played Lee Sun Joon in Sungkyunkwang Scandal, 2010) is in this drama and I liked him then so it is going to be fun to see a new drama with him in it.


  • Title: 옥탑방 왕세자 / Oktabbang Wangseja
  • Also known as: Attic Prince
  • Genre: Fantasy, comedy, romance
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: SBS
  • Broadcast period: 2012-Mar-14 to TBA
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday Night 21:55

(“Details” is copied from Drama Wiki)

1. What drama?


Question 1:

Which character are they imitating?


Question 2:

In Sungkyungkwang Scandal what nickname is given to Kim Yoon Hee (in Korean) and what item is she supposed to require in the hazing (episode 3)?


Question 3:

Secret garden; why does Kim Joo Won trough Gil Ra Ims socks in the trashcan?

a)     It was blood on them

b)    They are fan-socks of Oska

c)      He found a hole in them