The King 2 Hearts

So I have been sick with low fever and a sore throat sens friday, and now I am not aloud to talk! Thank God for internet and chat-rooms, LOL ;)
So what do you do for 4 days when you are sick enough to not have energy to do much, but not sick enough to feel like sleeping all the time? My answer is: watch Korean Dramas!

I have re-watched City Hunter (it was so good that I ordered it from! But i will have to wait until May to get it… ), and then I watched Rooftop Prince ep 2 with subs :) it was so funny!
And yesterday I started to watch The King 2 hearts. I do not get the title of this one at all, so if someone can explane it for me please do so!

It is about a king (or is he a prince? I am not sure…) and a North Korean military girl. So far they are training to take part in a competition. She is over 30 and is wondering why no man has fallen in love with her. He is a spoiled man who is not very nice to her. He is in the military but he does not like that at all… I must say he is a bit of a chicken, who flees rather then fights. Fine I am against fighting in real life but on TV its OK cause no one is killing anyone.
The best part in ep 2 was the scene with a dream that she had, where he was nice to her and told her that he sees her as a woman. How bummed was I when she woke up! “What it was just a dream?…” well it happened way to soon, in ep 2…, so I could have figure it out there, but it was so nice to see him care about her.

Well this drama has parts that are good; I loved the song by the fire the guy that sang and played guitar was so good, and the scene was very sweet :)

And then there are the other part, when we get to see “Club M” who will take part in the competition too, and there it gets very “Beck” or “Wallander” that is Swedish  detective stories that is not very good all the time. A lot of people would say that they are bad. And I must say it gets creepy when the sweet and funny Korean drama turns in to a bad Swedish thriller where people die… :P

But the creepy parts have not yet scared me off completely so I will watch ep 3 and 4 when they come up on KimchiDrama :)


Rooftop Prince ep 1 and 2

I just saw the first two episodes of rooftop prince – they were so good :)

OK I did not understand much of what was said in the second ep. cause there are no subs up get but you get most of the story anyway just from how they act :)

And I had a hard time focusing on reading the subs sometimes cause Mikey (the main male actor) looks so good, and when he smiles it is so hard to look away and read the subs… ;) ^_^

The story is about 2 sisters and 4 men. It starts a long time a go in Korea, when Korea had a king and a crown prince and crown princess. The Crown princess is the oldest sister BUT she was not supposed to be the bride at first, her little sister was going to marry the prince, but after an accident that scared her face the big sister was the one who got to be on the application to become the prince’s wife. The big sister is not a very nice person. And when we meet her again in the future she has not changed a lot. You might think she should have changed being reborn again and again but sadly no. The younger sister is a lovely girl, she is kind and caring and even though the crown prince is married  to the big sister (and there for has feelings for her) he always seems to enjoy talking to his sister-in-law. Because of the accident she is always covering her face so he has never seen her without a  scarf covering her and there for he does not recognize her when he meets her again in the future. But he does recognize his wife (who died and because he wanted to find her murderer – well i think she killed her self cause she was jealous of her little sisters close band to her husband –   and a lunar eclipse he was sent with his 3 close men to the present time 2012 in Korea) So now he has seen his dead wife and is determined to find her. Little does he know that it is his new friends stepsister. (Yes the girls are sisters again, but now stepsister due to marriage between there parents.)

I have left out some parts of the story not to spoil it for you, and some because there was no subs so i don’t know what they said ;)

And I must say that the guy who is portraying the prince is a really good actor! :) I can feel his sadness from loosing his wife. I just hope that he will find true love in the little sister instead, i do believe that they are meant to be <3

You can watch Rooftop Prince at one of the sites under “watch dramas online” to the left of this post!

For ep 2 (no subs yet) go to

Rooftop Prince

Description: A prince from the Joseon era travels to the future in Seoul 2012 with his entourage when he lost the girl he was in love with. In the present, he finds a girl who looks exactly like the girl he loved and that passed away…

Well this sounds really interesting!

A drama that starts in the past, moves to the present with time traveling and then ad a doppelganger. On Kimchi Drama it says that it is a comedy, fantasy and romance-drama, I must say that I look forward to it!  I like the history-dramas and I liked Secret Garden which had magic in it :)
I saw that Micky Yoochun  (who played Lee Sun Joon in Sungkyunkwang Scandal, 2010) is in this drama and I liked him then so it is going to be fun to see a new drama with him in it.


  • Title: 옥탑방 왕세자 / Oktabbang Wangseja
  • Also known as: Attic Prince
  • Genre: Fantasy, comedy, romance
  • Episodes: 20
  • Broadcast network: SBS
  • Broadcast period: 2012-Mar-14 to TBA
  • Air time: Wednesday & Thursday Night 21:55

(“Details” is copied from Drama Wiki)

1. What drama?


Question 1:

Which character are they imitating?


Question 2:

In Sungkyungkwang Scandal what nickname is given to Kim Yoon Hee (in Korean) and what item is she supposed to require in the hazing (episode 3)?


Question 3:

Secret garden; why does Kim Joo Won trough Gil Ra Ims socks in the trashcan?

a)     It was blood on them

b)    They are fan-socks of Oska

c)      He found a hole in them

What Drama?

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Tomorrow I will publish the first What drama-questions, I hope you will like this and have fun! =)

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Just so you know: This is NOT a competition, there are NO prizes, I do this just because I think it’s fun and I hope that you will have fun trying to figure out the answers.

a Truly Happy Valentines Day!

Finally epsode 3 of My shining girl (Glowing she) can be watched at Kimchi Drama!

I usually don’t post notes like this on my blog but I have seen that a lot of you who have looked on my blog has searched for My shining girl and I want to let you know that now you can watch episode 3 with subs on Kimchi Drama :)
Now we just have to wait for ep 4 and 5 :P

I will spend Valentines Day celebrating my A in information-speech by watch ep 3 and eating chocolate-cake :D

Happy Valentines Day!

My Shining Girl?

At the moment I’m just following one drama, and I’m feeling like the girl in the picture above . Episode 3 of My shining girl has not come up with subs yet. And last Saturday episode 4 should have aired so now I’m wondering: what is going on?

Maybe sucking up to the people who make the sub will help: Please, please sub it soon! I really want to see the latest episodes of My Shining Girl. And you who sit and make the subs: Thank you for doing it! If you didn’t my friends and I (who loves Korean dramas  but don’t speak Korean) would miss out on so many good stories so again: Thank you!

New Tales of Gisaeng

Last winter I followed a drama called New Tales of Gisaeng.  It is one of the best dramas that I have seen. It is about Dan Sa Ran and Ah Da Mo who of course will fall in love. But the drama has so much more than just the love story between Dan Sa Ran and Ah Da Mo. And because it has 52 episodes you really get to know the characters and you will love some of them and dislike some of them.  There is reality in the synopsis, people die, have problems with money, move in to new homes, get married… it’s not just “boy meet girl, fall in love, they argue or have an misunderstanding and then they resolve it and get back together”.

The story is more realistic than that and that is why you should see it! There is one girl that I really did not like in the beginning of the story but in the middle I knew her better and she had changed so much, she was not that spoiled brat anymore, she has become a woman.

I really love this drama :)

For synopsis visit DramaWiki

Drama Music

Lie to me (2011)                                          Kent

I love that most of the dramas use music that they make them self. It makes me remember what have happened before and what drama I’m watching. I connect the music to the characters which makes it easier to remember the story.
When I was watching one of the last episodes of the drama Lie to me I got quite a chock when I heard one of my favorite songs by the Swedish band Kent. The song is called Sverige (which means “Sweden”) and the song is all in Swedish, so I was very surprised to hear it in a Korean drama!

I have a lot of favorite Korean drama music, two songs are from the drama City Hunter; Suddenly by Kim Bo Kyung and Sarang (love) by Yim Jae Bum. I just love these songs they are so good. And the hole soundtrack from You’re beautiful is good. Songs sung by the fictive pop-band ANJell with Jang Keun Suk singing, and also versions of the songs with Lee Hong Gi singing them.

My Top 5 Korean Drama Soundtrack:

1. You’re Beautiful
2. City Hunter
3. Secret Garden
4. Full House
5. Personal Taste

My shining girl

I just found a new fantastic drama!

It’s about a woman, Jun Ji Hyun, who wants to be a writer at a TV-station. She gets a job at a station, but it’s not what she thought it would be and she is the one getting coffee and making copies of documents and on top of that her ex-boyfriend is her new boss and he is determent to make her want to quit. He is not only her ex but also her friend’s ex-husband. And there are often fights between her and her friend about this guy.

There is another man, Kang Min, a famous singer. The ex wants Kang Min to be part of the program that they are working on and now its up to Jun Ji Hyun to make that happen. Well there is just one more thing – when Jun Ji Hyun gets to meet Kang Min she does not know that he has hepatitis B. and she eats the food that he has eaten so now she has the disease too…

And on top of this her friend works with Kang Min and she knew that he had this disease, that it is contagious, and she chose not tell Ji Hyun about. So now Ji Hyun is very angry at her friend and at her boss (he also new about what disease Kang Min has)

I have left out some parts of the story so go to Kimchi Drama and look at it your self! :)

Good to know:

  • The drama is also known as: Glowing She / Sunshine Girl
  • 12 episodes
  • airs on Saturday night 24.00 (KBSN)
  • 1 episode/week

I must recommend you to go to the website DramaWiki. There you can search on any drama or actor and often you can find good information about the dramas, and the actors. Like witch dramas or movies they have been in before.

I cant wait to next week when the next episode is coming!
And I’m also am waiting desperately for spring to come, I miss the sun and the warmth out side. Lucky me to have the dramas to fill the dark evenings with.

TTYS! (talk to you soon ;) )